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Does Love Mean Never Having To Say You’re Sorry?

  • Love means having the courage to say you are sorry.
  • Forgiveness, in most cases, is made possible by an apology or recognition on the part of the offending partner that they have done something to hurt the other, an expression of sorrow and a wish to make it better.
  • The power of apologies is that they restore trust in the care and concern you have for your partner.
  • Apologies are gifts.
  • For couples the exchange of apology and forgiveness can be a positive turning point, a growth step, a renewed sense in the ability to overcome anything!


When we’re in a romantic relationship, we make a lot of assumptions about the person we’re with. We set out to prove these assumptions every day. You want to see your partner as someone kind, who has your best interest at heart: someone who will protect you, listen to you, be there for you in your time of need. Someone who thinks you are the most important person in their world, who loves you more than anyone. In return, you try to do all the same things for them. You see each other through the lens of love, friendship, and positivity.

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The Meaning of Forgiveness in a Relationship

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