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Privacy Policy

colorsmatrimony.com is an Indian matrimonial site. With regard to the information collected from you, we are
strongly committed to your privacy.

Information provided by you to use this site:

We gather various forms of information from Members/Users, who are applying for utilization of our services.
Basically, this information can be classified into two types: Public and Private Information.

Public Information: Public Information defined as the personal information provided by the user and will be
displayed in site for other users. This information consists of information like Name, Gender, Age, Location, Mother
tongue etc.

Private Information: Private Information defined as the information provided by the user and it cannot be displayed
in site in any circumstances. This information is solely for the use of colorsmatrimony.com management and
cannot be shared with any other member. This information consists of information like contact information such as
Phone numbers, Full address details, Credit card details etc.

Also, colorsmatrimony.com allows Agents to submit all the public and private information on behalf of their
clients. If the clients do not wish to display the information in the site, they can request the admin for the removal
of such information. But they have to provide necessary evidence that the information merely belongs to them.

The information provided by the members will be available only for registered members and not for non-registered

How colorsmatrimony.com uses the information it collects?

The public information displayed in the site will be used only for matchmaking and the information will be displayed
in the site for other members who are seeking match. This information doesn’t contain any of your Private

The private information like your phone number will be used by the colorsmatrimony.com management to assist
you in searching your partner, to do so you will receive calls from colorsmatrimony. Your phone number will not
be displayed in site for other members. Financial information like credit card details are confidential and secure,
and is used to bill the user/member for services desired by the user/member.

All other private information is confidential with colorsmatrimony.com, and is not disclosed to anyone, except, as
required by law, to protect members of colorsmatrimony.com. This can be updated/modified/deleted by the
user/member, by logging in to the user/member account.

colorsmatrimony.com doesn’t share, sell, rent, or loan your personal information to any individual, organization
unless it is required by law.

Information provided by the members in colorsmatrimony.com will be secured with highly safety measures.
Online payments on colorsmatrimony.com are 100% secure. Your credit card details will be used only to charge
you for the services offered to you by colorsmatrimony.com, and will not be shared with anyone.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy policy,
please write in to info@colorsmatrimony.com.

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